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Judy is available to develop and customize presentations and workshops. She presents researched-based information with understanding and applicability.   Her past audiences have included educators, parents, school administrators, health professionals, psychologists, counselors, and young adults. To date, her topics have included:

  • “School Nurses: Agents for Change”
  • “ADHD: What is it? How do you Manage It?” for Parents
  • “ADHD: Developmental Perspective for Teachers”
  • “Implementing an ADHD Learning Lab”
  • “ADHD: Strategies for Home”
  • “ADHD: Strategies for School”
  • “Responding vs Reacting: Considering New Perspectives for Parents of Children with ADHD”
  • “ADHD: What’s it all about?  How can Therapists help?”

Contact Judy if you would like to explore planning a presentation and/or workshop to convey practical information focused on learning about, understanding, and exploring strategies for managing ADHD.