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ADHD Learning Lab

Many students with ADHD struggle with learning and school success. Secondary students managing multiple teachers, an expectation for more self-directed work, increased organizational needs, multiple transitions, and more complicated assignments and projects often find themselves behind and underachieving.

Judy can help! Through the ADHD Learning Lab curriculum, teachers, parents and students are educated about the neurological basis of ADHD and its impact on “executive functioning.” Students gain more understanding about themselves and how ADHD impacts them individually. They have time to monitor, complete or manage assignments while working with trained mentors. Components of the Learning Lab include:

  • Working alongside other students with ADHD
  • Working with trained mentors bi-weekly
  • Learning strategies to manage executive function weaknesses including time management, project planning, self-advocacy, test-taking, motivation and goal-setting

Schools across the Twin Cities implementing the Learning Lab have reached consistent outcomes, including:

  • Increased work completion
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Increased self-advocacy
  • Increased parent satisfaction with school
  • Increased teacher support

Interested in bringing ADHD Learning Lab to your school? Contact Judy at 612.708.0149 or judyebandy@gmail.com today!